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NetApp, You had my curiosity…

Two years ago I was very negative about NetApp. The company was perceived as a sort of dead man walking, stuck with this idea of ONTAP everywhere. End users and partners were bored (couldn’t blame them). All attempts made in the past to build a broader product line-up had failed or, at least, were not as successful as expected. But then something changed. From “ONTAP only” to “Data Fabric only” I have to say that the first time I heard about Data Fabric I was curious, although skeptical. The idea of building a data mobility layer which connected all...

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Solidfire more cloud-enabling than storage vendor

Yesterday I was at the Solidfire Analyst day and this idea about the cloud-enabling vendor popped up just after a couple of hours of presentations and demos. The new licensing model, new features and also how the software works and is presented is unbusual, not only from traditional storage vendors, but also from many storage startups. From this point of view, also looking at the “good enough” AFF, the role of Solidfire in NetApp’s product family is even more defined and forward looking. The news You actually don’t need to get the news from me. My friend Chris Mellor...

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NetApp is deONTAPifying itself, and this is good!

Yesterday I had the chance to sit in the same room with Dave Hitz and Dave Wright, founders of NetApp and Solidfire respectively, among many other great folks from those two companies and I got the impression that I was finally talking to a totally different NetApp compared to just a year ago. I got the impression that I was finally talking to a totally different NetApp compared to just a year ago. I don’t know if this is only my personal perception or reality but I invite you to watch the SFD videos recorded during the session so...

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NetApp is no longer ONTAP-only, thanks (also) to Solidfire

In this episode I’m with Lee Caswell (VP product, solutions, services marketing at NetApp), and we talk about: – Solidfire acquisition – what NetApp channel thinks about Solidfire – how Data Fabric vision will evolve You probably already know, Solidfire is now part of NetApp. And, contrary to what NetApp did in the past, Solidfire won’t be integrated into ONTAP but will remain as a separate product. This changes the perception that we all had in the past about NetApp being a single product company! This is why I have also asked about the channel and how the new...

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Understanding data-aware storage

This is the second article of a short series dedicated to data-aware storage and sponsored by Data Gravity (here the first one). Data-aware is a new concept and as such it can be misinterpreted or have different meanings for different end users and vendors. It unleashes the power of data analytics applied to primary (active) data but depending on implementation, it can bring totally different results and serve different use cases. In order to better understand what data-awareness really means, we can divide modern primary storage systems in three categories according to their analytics capabilities: Infrastructure analytics The storage...

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