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Powering the cloud, next week in Frankfurt

I’m going to attend Powering the cloud next week. It’s the most important storage expo in Europe and it is also supported by SNIA. It’s a really good event with a lot of interesting sessions and I already have an agenda crammed with briefings and meetings of any kind… but, of course, you’ll also find me at #storagbeers meetup. đŸ˜‰ In other words, many opportunities to chat with other bloggers, press, analysts and vendors! I’ve a lot of expectations, as usual, and I will probably write some news/thoughts from the event right here on the blog. Stay tuned! Disclaimer:...

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SNW Europe 2011: great expectations

Next week (2-3/Nov/2011) I’ll attend SNW Europe (or Powering the cloud as the organizers renamed it), it’s one of the biggest European events focused on data storage, packed with useful sessions and networking opportunities! I have already scheduled many meetings with vendors to hear the latest news but you will also find me at both #storagebeers meetups after 7PM! I have a fond memory of the last SNWE and I have high expectations on the next one, can’t...

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