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VMware VSAN is just around the corner, but is it a revolution?

Everybody and their dog knows about it. 10.000+ end users asked to test its beta version. And it will be publicly available in a few days. Yes, Iā€™m talking about VMware VSAN. Now, the question is: “Will it radically change the way you look at your storage infrastructure?ā€. Short answer is ā€œI hope so!ā€, but there is something more to say. VMware VSAN VSAN software is capable of using local storage resources, disks and Flash memory installed in each server of your cluster, to build a distributed storage pool. This actually materializes data stores for your VMs and eliminates...

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VSAs Everywhere! (and two words about Maxta)

Maxta is finally out of stealth mode, I was briefed by them a couple of weeks ago and I found the product really interesting, we are talking about a new VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). This is one of those products that could gain a lot of attention from the end users and for a reason: if we look at our infrastructures we always find that most of the costs (both TCA and TCO) are attributed to storage and a VSA addresses those issues. Virtual Storage Appliances Everyone is looking for solutions in this space, especially people who currently deal...

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Tech Field Day Roundtables at VMworld (Simplivity and Commvault)

Yesterday I attended the second part of Tech Field Day roundtables at VMworld, this time I had the opportunity to meet Simplivity and CommVault. If the first day the room was crammed with bloggers, this time I counted even more people in the room. The discussion that came alongside the presentations was very interesting. Unfortunately there wasn’t a live streaming of the event but I will share the videos as soon as they will be available! Simplivity I’ve recently wrote a couple of blogs on Simplivity. There isn’t a lot more to add but there is a piece of...

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Video: Doron Kempel introduces Simplivity

Simplivity is one of the most interesting companies that I met on my last trip to San Francisco. I already wrote a short post about it here. During that meeting I met the CEO of the company, Doron Kempel, and I’ve recorded the following video with him. In this recording he briefly talks about the ideas at the base of Simplivity technology and products. Disclaimer: I was invited to this meeting by Condor Consulting Group and they paid for travel and accommodation, I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any other person than the Juku...

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