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Is Solidfire the Symmetrix of the cloud era?

EMC Symmetrix was introduced in 1990 (as a Mainframe storage) and it has quickly become one of the most successful enterprise Tier1 storage ever (Now the VMAX). It’s big (now supporting up to 3200 disks and 2048GB of cache) but its architecture is outdated and so are its features. What was good enough to sustain Mainframe and large Unix server workloads is no longer when having to manage thousands (or tens of thousands) of VMs. More and more… and more It’s not only the number of VMs (and consequently, of the physical servers) it’s much more than that. In...

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Hyper convergence for the rest of us? Scale Computing

This is not the first time I write about Scale Computing but I met them again a couple of weeks ago (at #SFD5) and I think there are some updates about their technology and products that are worthwhile mentioning. Scale computing has been around since 2009. At the beginning it was a scale-out storage particularly suited for SMB. Later, computing functionalities were added to it and now, with their 850+ customers and 1000+ deployments, they can be considered one of the most successful players in the hyper converged market so far. But they are different First of all, when...

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X-IO: Software-defined what?

X-IO, born in 2007 and based in Colorado Springs (CO), is the result of the fusion of XioTech and the Advanced Storage Architecture division of Seagate (yes, the Hard Disk vendor). It’s not a proper startup actually (XioTech was born in 1995) but it does have most of the characteristics, of which the most important seems to be innovation. In a world of Software-defined everything they have chosen just the opposite direction with a product that relies on a strong hardware architecture and few (if any) software frills… but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good solution for...

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The Good and the Bad of EMC at #SFD5

Last week I attended Storage Field Day 5 and the most controversial session was the one with EMC. If you didn’t get the chance to take a look at the videos recorded during that session you can find several links on Tech Filed Day YouTube channel (but I know, 4 hours is too long for anyone so I hope this short post will help!) In this blog I’ll try to recap what I’ve learned (the good part) and what I haven’t (the bad part… and it’s not my fault). The good The second part of the EMC presentation was...

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Storage Field Day 5: What a storage show!

I’ll be traveling to the US once again on April 22nd….. this time for Storage Field Day 5. It’s the third SFD in a row for me (thank you Stephen for having me back!) and it is always a pleasure attending this kind of event. There are many good reasons to attend, but great organization, confrontation with other bloggers and good technical sessions are surely on the top of my list. This time the event comes immediately after the SDDC symposium, which I’ll be attending too, and the opportunity to meet so many data storage and networking professionals in...

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