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Why I love Coho Data

I’ve met up with Coho Data twice in the last few months and never got the chance to write a blog about them. Coho is a brilliant startup under many aspects and, although the product is a newly born, its potential is really impressive. You can easily find many technical deep dives about Coho all around, so I’m not going to do the same (I just added a few links at the end of this blog for your convenience). I’ll try to talk about Coho from different perspective. Who is Coho data A few words about the company and...

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QoS, the next feature you’ll be asking for

At the last Storage Field Day, two topics were discussed at almost every session: scale-out and QoS (Quality of Service). Ok about scale-out, we’ve been talking about its benefits, pros and cons for quite some time… but why is QoS so important? And why should you care about it? Scale-out is today Scale-out is something that is happening right now and you can find many scale-out solutions out there. Looking at the SFD4 event alone, I can mention Coho data, GridStore, Nimble Storage, Cleversafe, Avere systems, CloudByte and Overland. All of them have a scale-out storage, different implementations, different...

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Server-side caching: Holy grail or mere feature?

Flash storage is amazingly fast but it doesn’t come cheap! On the opposite side, using flash memory on the server is relatively cheap and superlatively fast but lacks in reliability and availability. Server-side caching allows for designing a fast storage solution based on traditional shared storage with the performance of flash memory. In recent months we’ve seen the birth of many new companies working on it, but how many of them will actually survive? and if so, how? What is it? A cache is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests can be served faster. The...

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Beyond NAS (again)

I recently wrote a lot about Object Storage, NAS and sync&share gateways (and I should probably stop doing it, before this blog becomes mono thematic). I strongly believe in Object storage and I think that, in the long term, it can be the solution to correctly manage the huge amounts of data created every day by users. In the mean time we have to give immediate answers to the users while keeping with feet on the ground… Object storage… not now, not for everyone Unfortunately today many enterprises aren’t ready to manage a migration to an object storage platform...

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