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Object storage is the platform, gateways are the solution

I’ve just finished to read this article from Chris Mellor about object storage and I would like to add my 2 cents to this conversation. A brief market recap If you take a look at Object storage industry today you can easily find three kinds of products: good for high volumes and ISPs: great scalability, throughput, reliability, based on standard X86 HW. good for enterprises: less scalability and throughput but with good end-to-end integration from single (primary) vendors. good for nothing: the ones that can’t succeed because out-of-scope with end users needs or without a clear roadmap. Splitting the...

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Next trip to US: Storage Field Day #3

At the end of April I’ll be in US once again, this time in Denver (CO) for the third edition of Storage Field Day. Tech Field Days Tech Field Days are a series of meetings arranged by Stephen Foskett, a well known blogger, community influencer and respected independent IT professional. The primary goal of these events is to bring together a selected number of independent delegates (which are mostly bloggers) from all around the world and tech startups and, sometimes, primary vendors. The vendors are there to show their products while the delegates are very eager to know about...

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