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Defining Software-defined Storage definition. Definitely.

I did a good job with this title, didn’t I?! But, actually, I’m not going to re-define software-defined. Not again and not definitely. I’d like to look around and try to make sense of different interpretations and architecture designs that make this claim. In this article, I intentionally left out some solutions because they are not software-defined for me while, for others, I may have just forgotten to mention them or simply am not aware of them. So, please leave a comment if you have something to add. Where did Software-defined come from? Well, the term was introduced in...

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VM-aware storage, is it still a thing?

Last week I attended SFD10 and I met with a lot of interesting storage startups. Most of them have a good level of integration with VMware (who doesn’t today?), but one in particular built its entire strategy around it: Tintri. After their presentation I started wondering about this company, its product and its success in the market and I came up with a few considerations that I’d like to share with you. Tintri and its VM-aware storage Without spending too much time talking about the company itself (you can find all the info on several different websites, like The...

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