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Server vendors? Mere resellers.

A few days ago Dell had a small online event where they made a few announcements about hyper-convergence. I didn’t attend the online event, but I had the chance to read a few articles here and there. Long story short, they re-announced that they are reselling hyper-convergence solutions bundling software coming from Nutanix and VMware (and others?). The numbers look good… so, why not? But from my point of view this is not a good strategy. Yes, it will boost some sales in the short term, but what is your differentiator in the long term? What is your value?...

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Do we need better server interconnections for our scale-out architectures?

Modern scale-out architectures need good node interconnection, that’s a fact. 10Gbit Ethernet is quickly becoming the standard and 40Gbit is just around the corner. This is what is happening in the traditional enterprise datacenter. Does it make sense to think about something different? And if so, what should we target in the next future? What is a scale-out infrastructure? My quote from a recent paper I wrote: “Scalability is the capability of an IT system to be enlarged to sustain a growing amount of work that needs to be managed. There are two types of scalability: vertical (scale-up) and...

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