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Secondary storage, the missed opportunity for object storage

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with vendors and end users about secondary storage. The scenario is quickly changing with new solutions targeting this space and more and more end users adopting different forms of secondary storage. I started writing about object storage a few years ago and I’ve been writing about it ever since. But even though its potential remains huge, I believe that radical changes are occurring which are altering the market landscape as a consequence of a new class of smarter solutions. “Flash & Trash” remember? But Trash not as in garbage in a landfill,...

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A story of two “different” storage start-ups

I have been thinking about this article for a while now. It’s about two startups that are working on two awesome products, which are not in direct competition (well, not today‚Ķ or, at least, that’s what they say) but they have a lot in common and they share a similar long term goal. They have chosen two opposite strategies, but I’m sure that there is space for both of them and that they will have a bright future. It’s about secondary storage We are talking about a market that is estimated to grab 80/90% of the overall capacity installed...

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