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Ceph in Big Data Analytics

In the last couple of months I did some work for Red Hat on Ceph Storage. It was a good occasion to get updated on Ceph and do a reality check on how it is used by end users and why they are adopting it. Some of these stories are really compelling and say a lot about what is happening to storage infrastructures in general… but this is another story. Ceph is highly successful in many fields now and the number of use cases is growing quite rapidly lately… and after the introduction of Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0...

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Primary data is the Nicira of storage!

I’m still in the U.S. for the last day of the IT Press Tour, and the prize goes to Primary data for the best meet up of the week, by far (no matter what I see next)! I spent only an hour with them and I’m now very thrilled and puzzled at the same time. Best vision and ideas I’ve seen in years but, at the same time, a vision that is incredibly hard to achieve. Everything is so immature that only faith, boatloads of money and the perfect strategy (all together) will lead this company to success. Thinking...

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