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Video: Giorgio Regni (CTO of Scality) talks object storage

This is a short video That I’ve recorded with Giorgio Regni (CTO of Scality) here at San Francisco during the IT Press Tour. Scality is one of the most successful object storage startups and they are very focused on the larger enterprises and big ISPs. Just to make an example, they are working on a huge installation that will eventually reach a total amount of stored data between 200 and 500PB! (yes, 500PB!). An article with the latest updates from Scality and other object storage vendors will follow very soon… Enjoy the video! Giorgio Regni (Scality’s CTO) talks about...

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News and thoughts from Next Gen Storage Summit

I’m here in the Airport lounge waiting for my flight back home and I’m trying to refocus on the chats that I had this week at the Next Gen Storage Summit. Some news HDS impressed me more than any of the others. Especially because they are usually seen as a very traditional vendor. On the contrary, in this particular case, the development of their Object Storage platform ecosystem is becoming consistent and promising. They know their flaws and they are working in the right direction to overcome them. I’m also pretty sure that their Enterprise DNA helps when it’s...

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Video: Jèrome Lecat updates us on Scality

This video was recorded a few days ago in San Francisco. Jèrome (CEO and cofounder of Scality) talks about his company and the recent news about the C financing round that they have successfully completed with a total of $22M! Scality, as you probably already know, is developing an object storage solution particularly suited for big installations (at the Petabyte scale). They are working on many different integrations on top of their product. In fact, besides basic object storage protocols (like CDMI and S3 for example) you can find integrations for hadoop, Openstack, NAS (SMB/NFS) and so on. In...

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Next trip to Silicon Valley in June

Next month, after HP Discover in Las Vegas I will stop once again in Silicon Valley for a full week… this time for the IT Press Tour. The schedule is very tight, some of the companies that I’m going to meet are new to me but others are already well known. In any case, they are all in the cloud and storage space and it will be very exciting! You can find the complete list of the sponsoring companies down below: Arkeia: Backup software CloudByte: Storage system Cloudera: Hadoop distribution and services Firebase: Cloud database Guardtime: Data authentication Marklogic:...

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Cloud defined storage

If you work with storage and virtualization, you probably already know just how important storage is for infrastructure design. Taking some basic features like availability and reliability for granted, the most important characteristics are scalability, manageability and integration with the upper software layers. I’m not a fan of all these “software defined” buzzwords but something is really happening here and, remember Nicira?? also in this case the most interesting things are happening on the Openstack and startups side. At the same time, you can see a “next generation traditional” approach that has a lot to say. Virtualization and Storage...

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