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S3 object storage on Digital Ocean with Scality’s S3server

Two weeks ago, at VMworld, I had the pleasure to attend TFDx and the first session of the day was with Scality. During the session they spent most of the time talking about their new S3Server, which I like and already covered in the past. Use cases for this exciting piece of software are innumerable, and today I want to give you a practical example. You know, I’m no longer a hands-on guy (for a long time now :/) but I still have a few VM instances here and there to do experiments and, some time, test software. Digital...

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The future of storage is now. Market landscape and opportunities.

The enterprise data storage landscape has been rapidly changing in the last few years. Demand for more storage resources is unstoppable but, contrary to the past, enterprises and ISPs are experiencing a strong diversification in the type and quality of resources needed to satisfy each single different user or specific business need. New requirements are being heavily driven by different workloads and types of data that were quite uncommon just a few years ago. It’s not only the growing amount of data to manage or faster access speed to serve more transactions in the same time. Cloud and mobile...

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How to handle petabyte-scale growth in enterprises

“How to handle petabyte-scale growth in enterprises” is the first of a series of reports I recently wrote for GigaOM Research. Here the Executive Summary: The unprecedented data growth many enterprises experience today is difficult to predict. Sprawling unstructured data is doubling every 18 to 24 months. Meanwhile, anticipating the number of objects for future storage varies by the application or the device producing the data. A mobile phone currently able to record HD at 1080p, for example, will soon be able to record at 4K (2160p) and 8K UHD (4320p). In addition to video data, sensors are expected...

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