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Scale’s HC3, Datacenter-in-a-box for the SMB/SME

Scale Computing just announced their new software upgrade to ICOS that brings server virtualization capabilities to their scale out storage. (yes, you read it right, it’ll be available to existing customers too). HC3 is based off Scale Computing‘s ICOS operating environment, the storage part is still built on the HPC-hardened GPFS while the new server virtualization component is made on KVM, keeping Linux as their OS choice. As you can already imagine, Scale Computing is a software play, the nodes are standard X86-64 systems that house four drives (SAS or SATA) a quad-core CPU and 32GB of RAM each....

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It’s VMworld time!

Just like every year, August marks the appointment with the most sought-after industry event of the year: VMworld! This will surely be one of the most exciting VMworlds since years, rumors say that there is going to be a huge product announcement, and recent acquisitions such as DynamicOps and (especially) Nicira will give the right ‘kick’ to the keynote and will keep the geek horde happily buzzing along 🙂 This year I will participate in a Tech Field Day roundtable discussion sponsored by Scale Computing, the guys at Scale will have a really cool product launch during VMworld so...

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