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The storage industry needs Linux-based Hard Drives

It could sound weird, but I think this is the best way to make the Hard Disk great again! At the end of last year, my company launched a hardware appliance called SLS4U-96. It is built out of what we call nano-nodes (a small computer with a dual core ARM CPU, RAM, a small amount of flash and two 2.5Gb/s ports, all connected to a single high capacity hard drive). We borrowed the design from Marvell, which also provided us with the design of the 40gb/s switches for the back end connection. All these components fit in a standard...

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Scale-out is not just about scaling out!

I usually tend to look at technology from a technical point of view, but when in the field talking to end users it often turns out they bought it for the same reason you pitched it for… only to realize later that actually they like it for totally different reasons.   What I’m about to say was backed up for me a few days ago while speaking to Andy Warfield (CTO and co-founder of Coho Data) about a couple of statements he had made during the last Storage Field Day  (find them starting at 2:20 of the following video). Scale-up Vs. Scale-out The difference between the two...

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Juku.beats: Philippe Nicolas introduces RozoFS

In this episode I’m with Philippe Nicolas (Rozo Systems advisor). He helps us to understand better Rozo FS and its potential. We talk about: – Rozo systems – Why RozoFS is different – Use cases Audio is not very good this time, but content is worth a listen! Here a complete transcript of the show Enrico: Welcome everyone to a new episode of Juku.beats. Today I’m with Philippe Nicolas which is well-known in the valley for the IT press tours among other things. Welcome Philippe. Philippe: Hi Enrico. Pleasure to be with you. Thank you for inviting me for...

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VMware VSAN… and the missed opportunity

One of the most interesting (among the few) announcements at VMworld was regarding VSAN 6.1. The product is quickly maturing and new features are being added version after version (here what’s new). And the product promises to be even better (with erasure coding and dedupe coming up in the next version!). Even though some of the features could easily be disputable, like the 2-node cluster for ROBO (with its workarounds to make it work), VSAN is becoming a competitive product… And the fact that VMware owns all the stack makes this solution even more appealing from the simplification and...

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Exablox: (smart) object storage for the SMB

First of all a disclaimer: I recently did some work for Exablox and I met them again last December at the IT Press Tour as well, which is also why I got the opportunity to spend more time with their product and their technology. An update about the company I met Exablox for the first time one year ago, when OneBlox (their product) was publicly launched at Storage Field Day. I was amazed by the architecture and the ease of use. I also immediately liked their cloud-based management tool called OneSystem. The architecture was designed to scale without limits...

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