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About scale-out storage ARM-ification… and $/GB

I came across two interesting news items this week – OpenIO introducing a 96-HDD appliance for its object storage platform and Western Digital launching 12 and 14TB disks! At first glance if you sum the two, it’s like crazy: just think about a single 96-slot appliance full of 14TB disks, which means 1.3PB in a 4U box, or 13PB in a datacenter rack. Again, it sounds crazy but in reality it’s totally different and it is absolutely brilliant! Is a 14TB HDD too big? 14TB is a lot (the 12TB is based on PMR technology while the 14TB is...

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The future of storage is now. Market landscape and opportunities.

The enterprise data storage landscape has been rapidly changing in the last few years. Demand for more storage resources is unstoppable but, contrary to the past, enterprises and ISPs are experiencing a strong diversification in the type and quality of resources needed to satisfy each single different user or specific business need. New requirements are being heavily driven by different workloads and types of data that were quite uncommon just a few years ago. It’s not only the growing amount of data to manage or faster access speed to serve more transactions in the same time. Cloud and mobile...

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Scale-out is not just about scaling out!

I usually tend to look at technology from a technical point of view, but when in the field talking to end users it often turns out they bought it for the same reason you pitched it for… only to realize later that actually they like it for totally different reasons.   What I’m about to say was backed up for me a few days ago while speaking to Andy Warfield (CTO and co-founder of Coho Data) about a couple of statements he had made during the last Storage Field Day  (find them starting at 2:20 of the following video). Scale-up Vs. Scale-out The difference between the two...

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How to Solve Performance Problems at Petabyte-Scale

“How to Solve Performance Problems at Petabyte-Scale” is the second report of a short series that I wrote for GigaOM Research (first one is available following this link). Here the Executive Summary of this report: Today’s huge storage systems, in the order of many petabytes, are associated more with capacity than performance, but that perception is changing. Until recently, the most requested storage feature has been active archiving, but the cloud, new technologies, and increased mobile applications now demand performance as well as capacity. The three usual measurements for storage-system performance are input/output operations per second (I/OPS), throughput, and...

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