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A story of two “different” storage start-ups

I have been thinking about this article for a while now. It’s about two startups that are working on two awesome products, which are not in direct competition (well, not today‚Ķ or, at least, that’s what they say) but they have a lot in common and they share a similar long term goal. They have chosen two opposite strategies, but I’m sure that there is space for both of them and that they will have a bright future. It’s about secondary storage We are talking about a market that is estimated to grab 80/90% of the overall capacity installed...

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Rubrik is like Apple Time Machine, but for the datacenter

One of the best features of Mac OS X is Time Machine. Isn’t it? Well, it is for me at least. Time machine is the simplest possible backup tool and it is totally transparent. You just set it up (by choosing a backup location) and that’s it. It starts in the background, it backups your data continuously and, when you need to retrieve something, you have a finder-like interface that grabs what you want. Rubrik does the same, but it does it for your Vmware infrastructure. Transparent backup The spirit of the company is very user-friendly; seamless, fast and...

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Juku.beats: Chris Wahl (Technical Evangelist) talks about Rubrik

In this episode I’m with Chris Wahl, technical evangelist at Rubrik, and we talk about: – a short introduction about the company and its mission; – a few words about the architecture of the product; – cloud integration and features. Enjoy the show. Full transcript of the show Enrico: Welcome everyone to a new episode of Juku beats. Today I’m with Chris Wahl the new evangelista of Rubrik. Chris Wahl: Hey, I like the evangelista flavor that you put on there Enrico, glad to be on your podcast. Enrico: Thank you very much. I borrowed it from In Tech...

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