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VMware: it’s tough being the leader

Yesterday I read about Tegile supporting Microsoft Windows environments (SMB3, SCVMM, ODX) and last week’s news from Tintri looked very much the same. These are only two examples, but the list of vendors which are quick to give their support to SMB3 and Hyper-V is getting longer day by day. My perception is that VMware, while trying to expand its sphere of influence and dominate the Data Center, is at risk of building a colossus with shaky foundations… Let me explain my POV. SDDC, Cloud and user computing Vmware is the leader of the server virtualization market, but can...

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Is RedHat thinking about Openstack hyper convergence?

You probably already heard the news: Redhat is acquiring InkTank. InkTank is a small startup that is developing around the opensource file/block/object storage system Ceph, and even though it is not going to be a WhatsApp-like deal in terms of price, it will certainly be a game changer in the Openstack landscape. Ceph, yeah! Ceph, which I’ve already written about in the past, is the perfect choice to build Openstack infrastructures and I love it. Ceph has a very elegant and resilient scale-out architecture which distributes data on each node of a linux cluster. It provides: – a block...

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