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What’s new in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0?

In this episode I’m with Neil Levine (director of product management at Red Hat), and we talk about the most important improvements and new features introduced in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0. Enjoy the show! If you are interested in these topics, I’ll be presenting at next TECHunplugged conference in Amsterdam on 6/10/16 and in Chicago on 27/10/16. A one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure with an innovative formula combines a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized bloggers with disruptive technology vendors and end users who manage rich technology environments. Join...

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Servers are the new storage (w/ George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore)

In this episode I’m with George Teixeira (CEO of DataCore) and we talk about Parallel I/O, a feature introduced last year on SANSymphony products. We talk about how parallel I/O takes advantage of next generation multi-core CPUs, lab benchmarks, real world performance improvements and more. Datacore is proving again that it is still possibile to innovate in the storage space and they are doing that by adding features to an existing (software) product which is already in the hands of more than 12000 customers, enabling them to do more with the same hardware resources. Enjoy the show! If you...

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The high performance NAS with a cloud back-end (w/ Ron Bianchini, Avere Systems)

In this episode I’m with Ron Bianchini (Founder and CEO of Avere Systems) and we talks about his company and the latest evolution of its product, a high performance NAS gateway that can be deployed either locally or in the cloud leveraging Object and NFS backends. These characteristics make this product unique on the market and, in fact, it is getting a lot of attention from many end user who need performance, capacity and flexibility for large capacity and highly accessed storage repository. Enjoy the...

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NetApp is no longer ONTAP-only, thanks (also) to Solidfire

In this episode I’m with Lee Caswell (VP product, solutions, services marketing at NetApp), and we talk about: – Solidfire acquisition – what NetApp channel thinks about Solidfire – how Data Fabric vision will evolve You probably already know, Solidfire is now part of NetApp. And, contrary to what NetApp did in the past, Solidfire won’t be integrated into ONTAP but will remain as a separate product. This changes the perception that we all had in the past about NetApp being a single product company! This is why I have also asked about the channel and how the new...

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All-Flash + All-Software, is this the future? Live from TECHunplugged

In this episode Stephen Foskett (TECH FIELD DAY organizer and blogger) moderates a panel on the theme “All-Flash + All-Software, is this the future?” he is joined by: –Arjan Timmerman (blogger) –Justin Warren (blogger) -Andrew Grimes (NetApp) -Eric Carter (Hedvig) -Dennis Carlson (Violin Memory) Enjoy the show! If you want to know more about TECHunplugged conferences, please visit http://techunplugged.io. Next conference will be in London on 12/May/2016. Sign up and join us for a 1-day conference full of independent sessions, roundtables, the point of view of selected vendors and a lot of peer-to-peer...

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