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OEMs want to build your next storage infrastructure. And it’s good for you!

You might have noticed that some storage industry talents are migrating from product to OEM vendors (component manufacturers). The latest one I’m aware of is Rob Peglar, Formerly at EMC Isilon, now at Micron. If you look around, major storage OEMs, in both Flash and Disk markets, are playing very differently than in the past. Have you noticed? They want to be more visible and to have direct contact with you. This leads to competition with their traditional customers, the array vendors. Here’s why. The market is (quickly) changing “Software is eating the world” someone once said, and I...

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How to Solve Performance Problems at Petabyte-Scale

“How to Solve Performance Problems at Petabyte-Scale” is the second report of a short series that I wrote for GigaOM Research (first one is available following this link). Here the Executive Summary of this report: Today’s huge storage systems, in the order of many petabytes, are associated more with capacity than performance, but that perception is changing. Until recently, the most requested storage feature has been active archiving, but the cloud, new technologies, and increased mobile applications now demand performance as well as capacity. The three usual measurements for storage-system performance are input/output operations per second (I/OPS), throughput, and...

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