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Flash & Trash? You could begin with Cache & Trash!

Last year I wrote many times about Object Storage, Flash memory, Caching, and various other interesting technologies in the storage industry. And I also coined the term “Flash&Trash” to describe a trend that sees the adoption of a two tier storage strategy built on latency-sensitive Flash-based arrays on one side and capacity-driven scale-out systems on the other. At times, I used a slide you can find here on the right (where the flash tier is collapsed into the compute layer) talking about possible scenarios with a huge distributed cache at the compute layer and object storage at the backend....

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Some thoughts about flash storage (and why $ 150M!)

Last week I read two interesting pieces of news: Violin has finally filled for the IPO and PureStorage has raised the astonishing amount of $ 150M! You can find a very good article about it from Chris Evans in his blog and I would like to add something more to his analysis. SSD market is maturing It’ clear that something is happening and it’s happening very fast. The storage landscape is evolving very quickly and SSD has become a viable choice for many Tier1 applications. Costs are continuously going down for many different reasons but the most important are:...

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When flash and cache are synonyms!

Last week I attended Storage Field Day 3, and I met some interesting companies that are looking at Flash to build hybrid solutions. Looks like 100% flash products are still too expensive for the rest of us and hybrid is gaining more and more attention by the end users. The easiest, and probably most efficient, way to implement flash in the hybrid world is to use it for caching purposes. In practice, flash on the front-end acting as a big lung used to leverage a relatively slow back-end made of mechanical disks. Long story short: a relatively small amount...

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