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Interview with Barry Morris (CEO at NuoDB)

On this episode, I’m with Barry Morris (Founder and CEO at NuoDB) and we talk about: – An introduction of the company, – NuoDB architecture, – Cloud and Enterprise features. Enjoy the show! Full transcript of the show Enrico:            Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another episode of Juku Beats. Today I am here with Barry Morris, the CEO and co-founder at NuoDB. Hi, Barry. Barry:              Hi, Enrico. Enrico:            Hi, how are you? Barry:              Very well, very well. Very pleased to be on your blog. Enrico:            Thank you very much. And you know how the blog works. So, this...

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NuoDB 2.0, even sexier now!

Last year I wrote about NuoDB and about its product. Last week the company introduced a new milestone release. Now with v2.0 the solution is even more seductive and attractive. NuoDB who? Well, if you haven’t heard about NuoDB yet, this is probably because you’ve never had to manage performance, scalability or cost issues with your traditional relational SQL DB. NuoDB is one of those new entrants in the DB market with a product designed from the ground up to work in the cloud and at a web scale. It’s a next generation relational database engine (NewSQL and 100%...

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NuoDB is sexy!

The most interesting meeting by far that I attended last week was the one with NuoDB. This Bostonian startup is baking a potentially impressive DB platform aimed to overcome ordinary DB limitations while maintaining traditional ways to access data. The final goal is to obtain, as it’s written underneath their name, “The elastically scalable DB”. This is one of the few companies that are trying to do something radically new in this space and I think that they deserve, at least, a look! What’s the problem? Well, the problem with traditional DBs are many but I’m sure that you...

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