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Nimble Storage All-Flash, late but right

Nimble has finally launched its new All Flash Array: Predictive Flash Array. It took too long but, now that it’s out, it can’t be said they didn’t get it right! All-Flash, finally All-Flash is table stake now. Don’t have it? …well then, you can’t play! That’s the real problem. All-Flash still counts for a relatively small percentage of overall primary storage sales but, again, it is an option that customers want to have in every new project. It is true that prices are continuing to fall, and somewhere down the line your next primary storage system could most likely...

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Understanding data-aware storage

This is the second article of a short series dedicated to data-aware storage and sponsored by Data Gravity (here the first one). Data-aware is a new concept and as such it can be misinterpreted or have different meanings for different end users and vendors. It unleashes the power of data analytics applied to primary (active) data but depending on implementation, it can bring totally different results and serve different use cases. In order to better understand what data-awareness really means, we can divide modern primary storage systems in three categories according to their analytics capabilities: Infrastructure analytics The storage...

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Are you going All-Flash? Nah, the future is hybrid

But it will be an All-Flash Hybrid. And, you know this can’t be considered a prediction. It’s just a fact. If you look around, a large part of the vendors are craving for Intel’s 3D Xpoint memory and this will be the next tier 0 (or cache) for many newly designed storage arrays. 3D Xpoint in short Intel 3D Xpoint is a new class of memory which sits in the middle between RAM and Flash. It’s persistent (like Flash), fast (not like RAM, but much faster than Flash), dense (again, not like Flash, but more than RAM) and durable...

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Juku.beats 30: Nimble Storage Infosight, more than storage analytics

In this episode I’m joined by Rod Bagg (VP of support at Nimble Storage) and we talk about Nimble Storage InfoSight. I’m a fan of Storage Analytics and Nimble has one of the best solutions available in the market. Now, after the introduction of InfoSight for VMs, the products does more than just storage analytics and next versions promise even more…  InfoSight was demoed at last Storage Field Day and you can find the videos here. In this episode we talk about: – A short introduction to InfoSight – How users are taking advantage of InfoSight for VMs – Next developments...

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Analytics, the key to (storage) happiness

What are you looking for in a new storage system? Performance, capacity, efficiency, data services? Well, from my point of view you should be looking for analytics first! The right Analytics tool can easily save you money, time and make your job easier. Jack of all trades, master of the infrastructure It’s not only about storage, no matter what your job when it comes to IT infrastructures, nowadays you’ll likely need some sort of analytics to help you manage more and better. There are many reasons why: – Most SysAdmins are Jacks of all trades now, and they need...

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