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Infrastructure Monitoring Vs. Cloud Monitoring

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet up, in short order, with VMTurbo, SolarWinds (at TFD10) and Cirba’s CEO Andrew Hillier. In one way or the other they are all working on providing monitoring tools for public cloud services in addition to what they usually do (infrastructure monitoring, automation and analytics). Albeit, cloud monitoring could be considered a natural extension for these kinds of products, I don’t think they’re going about it the right way, especially for services like AWS. Don’t get me wrong, chances are it might merely be a maturity problem, and I’m sure...

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Solarwinds: geek and chic monitoring software

As you may already know I was selected to participate to Tech Field Day #7 as a delegate on August 11/12th and we toured the Austin, TX facilities of some interesting companies, like Solarwinds, where we spent a couple of hours with some top-notch people that presented their solutions to the Tech Field Day audience. Solarwinds products are aimed at the mid-market and pose themselves in a slightly different way, providing free trial for every product and some interesting free tools they let everybody install and try them out without having to resort to complex design and implementation just...

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