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Storage product development is getting worse

Storage is becoming less conservative than in the past. It has its pros and cons, but if it means poorer quality of the final product and increasing risk of data loss, then it’s not the way to go. Bad behavior I stumbled on this article which talks about all the problems, bugs and mistakes made by Maxta with one of its (now former) customers. I won’t talk about Maxta and this particular case, but this is an example on how some vendors, especially small startups, are setting the bar too high and then consequently struggle to deliver. Data loss...

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Rumors, strategies and facts about Hyper-converged

A few weeks ago I attended SFD7. Most of the conversations we had during the event where about hyper-converge. And we had at least three meetings where hyper-convergence was at the center of the stage: Maxta, Springpath and VMware. The market is very active, to say the least, and still in a very effervescently expanding phase. VMware has something to say… VMware is doing a great job with VSAN, both from a technical and marketing perspective. In fact, the product is still (far) behind its competitors under many technical aspects but the maturity process is very fast. The first...

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VSAs Everywhere! (and two words about Maxta)

Maxta is finally out of stealth mode, I was briefed by them a couple of weeks ago and I found the product really interesting, we are talking about a new VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). This is one of those products that could gain a lot of attention from the end users and for a reason: if we look at our infrastructures we always find that most of the costs (both TCA and TCO) are attributed to storage and a VSA addresses those issues. Virtual Storage Appliances Everyone is looking for solutions in this space, especially people who currently deal...

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