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Juku.beats: Jesse St Laurent (VP of Product Strategy) updates us on Simplivity

This podcast is sponsored by: In this episode I’m with Jesse St. Laurent (VP of product strategy at Simplivity) and we talk about: – An update about the company – KVM and Openstack integration – Cisco UCS Director integration Here the transcript of the show Enrico: Hi everyone and welcome to a new episode of Juku Beats. Today I’m with Jesse St Laurent, VP of Product Strategy at Simplivity. Hi Jesse, how are you? Jesse: Hi Enrico, thanks for having us. Enrico: Thank you for joining the podcast. I have these three questions for you, you know how the...

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Enterprise hyper-convergence based on KVM? It depends on OpenStack!

This week another vendor, Simplivity, announced that it is going to support KVM and OpenStack… And the list of VSA/hyper-converged vendors supporting KVM/OpenStack is growing very rapidly indeed! This is an interesting trend and it is worth spending a few words on it. One aspect that most intrigues me is how all the vendors are pushing OpenStack… but it doesn’t make sense to me. What are we talking about? KVM is an open source alternative to VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. It doesn’t have the same level of efficiency nor the features but it works and all the basic...

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VMware: it’s tough being the leader

Yesterday I read about Tegile supporting Microsoft Windows environments (SMB3, SCVMM, ODX) and last week’s news from Tintri looked very much the same. These are only two examples, but the list of vendors which are quick to give their support to SMB3 and Hyper-V is getting longer day by day. My perception is that VMware, while trying to expand its sphere of influence and dominate the Data Center, is at risk of building a colossus with shaky foundations… Let me explain my POV. SDDC, Cloud and user computing Vmware is the leader of the server virtualization market, but can...

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