Flash & Trash? You could begin with Cache & Trash!

Last year I wrote many times about Object Storage, Flash memory, Caching, and various other interesting technologies in the storage industry. And I also coined the term “Flash&Trash” to describe a trend that sees the adoption of a two tier storage strategy built on latency-sensitive Flash-based arrays on one side and capacity-driven scale-out systems on the other. At times, I used a slide you can find here on the right (where the flash tier is collapsed into the compute layer) talking about possible scenarios with a huge distributed cache at the compute layer and object storage at the backend....

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Super Mega Hyperconvergence

I love the concept of Hyperconvergence, who doesn’t? An IT infrastructure built out of relatively balanced (and small) nodes contributing all together to a large pool of computing and storage resources, which can linearly scale just by adding more nodes. This kind of infrastructure, thanks to the latest advancements in software, has become very easy to manage and could be the answer to many different types of workloads… but, as I’ve already written about it in the past, not all of them. Sometimes, due to particular compute or storage needs it just doesn’t work out! Also market leaders, like...

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An awesome week ahead

I’m at home for the weekend after a long week full of seminars all around Italy… But just for the weekend, because next Monday I’ll be flying to the bay area for a packed week full of meetings! Not just storage but also other technology that will help me understand better what’s going on in general with the infrastructure and the upper layers! I’ll be meeting Avere systems, Basho, Big Switch Networks, Catalogic software, CoreOS, DDN, Hedvig, JUT, Micron, NexGen, Nuage networks and Pure storage. It’s an awesome list of companies, isn’t it? Stay tuned for updates and blogs...

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A week full of meetings in the Silicon Valley

Next week I’ll be traveling to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley for the IT Press Tour. You could say that’s nothing new as I’m very often in the US but it’s always fun and interesting meeting companies, getting the insights and latest news first hand. Here are the companies I’m going to meet, so expect some articles next month: – Cloudera: Big Data. One of the most famous Hadoop distributions. – Cloudian: Object storage. A category of products that I like and know very well. I recently wrote a white paper for them. – Diablo Technologies: Flash storage....

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