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RAM and Flash are the key for effective general purpose scale-out infrastructures

A couple of weeks ago, during Storage Field Day 5, I had the opportunity to learn more about interesting “new” technologies set to have a tremendous impact on future infrastructures development: Flash and RAM. I’m not kidding! It could sound weird but it’s not about the technology itself rather how it can now be used to build next generation infrastructures. Yesterday In legacy environments scale-up architectures were the standard and, to obtain performance, you had to add resources (CPU, RAM, Disks, etc.) into the same box. The problem is that when you have filled up the box (A server,...

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In-memory storage makes sense

In a very conservative world, like data storage used to be, we have been seeing a lot of revolutions lately! Flash for speed, huge disks fighting against tapes for capacity and long-term archiving and software to glue them all together creating new ways to access and manage data. But it seems it’s not enough. In the next few weeks we will be hearing some interesting announcements about in-memory storage… DRAM based storage? does it make sense? Will it be another revolution or just another feature? In-memory means (much) more speed In-memory storage is nothing new. In-memory DBs are becoming...

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