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Bravo Syneto, keep up the good work!

Yesterday I spent the day with Syneto at their Italian event reserved for partners. I gave a talk on the future of IT infrastructures and storage (I got paid for it… disclaimer part done with). Organic growth A bunch of young guys, located all over Europe (with main offices in Romania and Italy) who have developed ZFS-based storage appliances. What’s so special about that, you might ask? First of all they are growing at a rate of 60% yearly, without any external funding. It’s a profitable company and sales are made to hundreds of SMB customers (and we are...

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Super Mega Hyperconvergence

I love the concept of Hyperconvergence, who doesn’t? An IT infrastructure built out of relatively balanced (and small) nodes contributing all together to a large pool of computing and storage resources, which can linearly scale just by adding more nodes. This kind of infrastructure, thanks to the latest advancements in software, has become very easy to manage and could be the answer to many different types of workloads… but, as I’ve already written about it in the past, not all of them. Sometimes, due to particular compute or storage needs it just doesn’t work out! Also market leaders, like...

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Enterprise hyper-convergence based on KVM? It depends on OpenStack!

This week another vendor, Simplivity, announced that it is going to support KVM and OpenStack… And the list of VSA/hyper-converged vendors supporting KVM/OpenStack is growing very rapidly indeed! This is an interesting trend and it is worth spending a few words on it. One aspect that most intrigues me is how all the vendors are pushing OpenStack… but it doesn’t make sense to me. What are we talking about? KVM is an open source alternative to VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. It doesn’t have the same level of efficiency nor the features but it works and all the basic...

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Rumors, strategies and facts about Hyper-converged

A few weeks ago I attended SFD7. Most of the conversations we had during the event where about hyper-converge. And we had at least three meetings where hyper-convergence was at the center of the stage: Maxta, Springpath and VMware. The market is very active, to say the least, and still in a very effervescently expanding phase. VMware has something to say… VMware is doing a great job with VSAN, both from a technical and marketing perspective. In fact, the product is still (far) behind its competitors under many technical aspects but the maturity process is very fast. The first...

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Hyper-convergence, divergence and micro-convergence

Everyone likes hyper-convergenced systems. They are cool, dense, fast, energy-saving, agile, scalable, manageable, easy to use and whatever else you want. But you know what? They have their limits too… They are good for average workloads, a large range of workloads indeed, but not for those workloads that need huge amounts of a specific resource to the detriment of others, like Big Data for example. Why Big Data needs divergence (an example) Data grows (steadily… and exponentially) and nothing gets thrown away. Since data adds up, the concept of the “data lake” has taken shape. Even systems created for...

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