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Some thoughts about HPC, commercial HPC and Enterprise IT

Here I am on day 3 at the Supercomputing summit and I have to say this has been one of the best IT conferences ever! I think I’ve been waiting for more than 15/20 years to re-live this kind of experience, which is very similar to what it was like going to conferences back in the 90’s. Some of the sessions are off the chart (many of them too off for me!) and the expo area is the nerdiest, geekiest I’ve seen in many, many years. There are no booth babes, the women in the booths are engineers and...

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Super Mega Hyperconvergence

I love the concept of Hyperconvergence, who doesn’t? An IT infrastructure built out of relatively balanced (and small) nodes contributing all together to a large pool of computing and storage resources, which can linearly scale just by adding more nodes. This kind of infrastructure, thanks to the latest advancements in software, has become very easy to manage and could be the answer to many different types of workloads… but, as I’ve already written about it in the past, not all of them. Sometimes, due to particular compute or storage needs it just doesn’t work out! Also market leaders, like...

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Do we need better server interconnections for our scale-out architectures?

Modern scale-out architectures need good node interconnection, that’s a fact. 10Gbit Ethernet is quickly becoming the standard and 40Gbit is just around the corner. This is what is happening in the traditional enterprise datacenter. Does it make sense to think about something different? And if so, what should we target in the next future? What is a scale-out infrastructure? My quote from a recent paper I wrote: “Scalability is the capability of an IT system to be enlarged to sustain a growing amount of work that needs to be managed. There are two types of scalability: vertical (scale-up) and...

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