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Report: A hyper-converged infrastructure for the rest of us from HP

It’s finally here! I’m glad to be publishing this report during the first day of HP Discover in Barcelona. This is a “down to earth report”, focusing more on value rather than the tech side and its benefits. I think it best to introduce this paper by starting off with the executive summary that can be found at the beginning of the report: “End users of all kinds are continuously looking at solutions aimed to reducing the complexity and to drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT infrastructures. Especially in the SMB space, where resources...

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HP Discover, next week in Barcelona

A few hours back home after the trip to the US and back on the road again! This time it’s HP Discover in Barcelona. Usually, I do not attend European events when I’ve already attended the same event in the US but this time I’making an exception. Why I’m attending First (personal), I will soon be publishing a report about HP StoreVirtual VSA and this is the best place to get comments and feedbacks. Second, there are some planned announcements about storage around that time. There will also be a live event that you can watch online (link here)....

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VSAs Everywhere! (and two words about Maxta)

Maxta is finally out of stealth mode, I was briefed by them a couple of weeks ago and I found the product really interesting, we are talking about a new VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). This is one of those products that could gain a lot of attention from the end users and for a reason: if we look at our infrastructures we always find that most of the costs (both TCA and TCO) are attributed to storage and a VSA addresses those issues. Virtual Storage Appliances Everyone is looking for solutions in this space, especially people who currently deal...

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