New Paper: Object Storage as a Backup Target

Just a quick note to inform you about a new paper I wrote on object storage with Howard Marks. It’s the first time I’ve worked with my friend Howard and his company DeepStorage.net… and I think we had a great time collaborating together, but evaluating the results is up to you! Here the link for the free download, please post your comments. The paper “Object Storage as a Backup Target”, was commissioned by HGST and is divided into two sections. In the first one I talk about object storage and make a comparison with VTL libraries. The target is...

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OEMs want to build your next storage infrastructure. And it’s good for you!

You might have noticed that some storage industry talents are migrating from product to OEM vendors (component manufacturers). The latest one I’m aware of is Rob Peglar, Formerly at EMC Isilon, now at Micron. If you look around, major storage OEMs, in both Flash and Disk markets, are playing very differently than in the past. Have you noticed? They want to be more visible and to have direct contact with you. This leads to competition with their traditional customers, the array vendors. Here’s why. The market is (quickly) changing “Software is eating the world” someone once said, and I...

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