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Storage specifically designed for Hyper-V? It does exist!

VMware has an unquestionable leadership in the virtualization market but Hyper-V is gaining ground and the number of storage solutions that can take advantage of specific Microsoft’s features are becoming more and more relevant. Better than VMware With the introduction of Windows Server 2012 (and Hyper-V Server 2012), Microsoft has added a load of new and interesting storage features to its platform. The list is very long but, to me, the most important ones on the virtualization side can be found in Storage Spaces, SMB3, ODX, deduplication and SMI-S support for storage integration. In some cases Microsoft is doing...

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Storage Field Day 4: It’s going to be a storage blast!

So, here we go again, next week I’ll be attending one of the best industry events on storage: Storage Field Day 4. The event This one is part of a wider group of vertical events (others are about virtualization, networking and wireless) reserved for bloggers and organized by Stephen Foskett and his team. The best of this event, apart the constant good hospitality and the value of other delegates, is the quality of technical stuff you can find during the sponsor sessions. Usually, most of the sessions are managed by CTOs or other technical people involved in product development...

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