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Nimble Storage All-Flash, late but right

Nimble has finally launched its new All Flash Array: Predictive Flash Array. It took too long but, now that it’s out, it can’t be said they didn’t get it right! All-Flash, finally All-Flash is table stake now. Don’t have it? …well then, you can’t play! That’s the real problem. All-Flash still counts for a relatively small percentage of overall primary storage sales but, again, it is an option that customers want to have in every new project. It is true that prices are continuing to fall, and somewhere down the line your next primary storage system could most likely...

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Are you going All-Flash? Nah, the future is hybrid

But it will be an All-Flash Hybrid. And, you know this can’t be considered a prediction. It’s just a fact. If you look around, a large part of the vendors are craving for Intel’s 3D Xpoint memory and this will be the next tier 0 (or cache) for many newly designed storage arrays. 3D Xpoint in short Intel 3D Xpoint is a new class of memory which sits in the middle between RAM and Flash. It’s persistent (like Flash), fast (not like RAM, but much faster than Flash), dense (again, not like Flash, but more than RAM) and durable...

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Network, your next big storage problem!

A few days ago I had an interesting chat with Andy Warfield at Coho Data and the topic of Network/Storage relationship came up several times. (Quick disclaimer: I’m currently doing some work for Coho)   In a couple of my latest articles (here and here) I talked about why many large IT organizations prefer PODs to other topologies for their datacenters but I totally forgot to talk about networking (I also have to admit that networking is not my field at all). So, this article could be the right follow-up for those posts. Network is Storage The problem is simple. In...

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All-Flash is a synonym of tough market

Last week NetApp launched a new line of All-Flash Arrays called AFF. It’s based on a specialized version of ONTAP, which has added peculiar optimizations to read/write data paths. It’s not the notorious FlashRay yet, but it’s not that bad and it has something to say… especially if you are already a NetApp customer. New entrants do it better… There is no doubt we are not talking about the top notch implementation for a Flash Array. Startups like Pure, Solidfire, Kaminario and others designed their product from the ground up just a few years ago. They started from scratch...

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Flash Vs Disk comparisons are not fair

I’ve just finished reading this report from wikibon and, even though I agree with most of what is said, I’m not sure the timing is correct. In fact, from my point of view, it doesn’t reflect the reality of modern datacenters and their evolution, especially when large capacities are involved. Capacity is important A few days ago I wrote an article about a two tier storage architecture for the enterprise. And I did it because the economics of disks is still good if we look at the overall picture. And there are a couple of reasons why I think...

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