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EMC buys Cloudscaling, and it’s good for everyone

Yesterday I read the news about EMC buying Cloudscaling, a small startup working on an Openstack distribution primarily focused on enterprise clouds. One of the most interesting characteristics of Cloudscaling Open Cloud System is its compatibility with AWS and GCP which should help its customers to build hybrid cloud implementations. Looking at various websites, it’s interesting to note that many of them have reported the news but the comments are still very few. Scarcity of information from EMC and Cloudscaling certainly doesn’t help. But let’s try to figure out why EMC is doing this. The market wants hybrid (and...

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EMC future? Strong winds and rough seas (without the trusty helmsman)

In the last couple of weeks I came across some news saying that EMC was looking to merger. Names like Dell, HP (and others) popped up as usual but it looks like all the talks came to a stall for different reasons. Today, EMC is by far the leader of the data storage market but, at the same time, its future holds a lot of potential threats for investors and end users. I think EMC has good reason to look around, now that it’s a wealthy company, TO find an exit strategy before its too late. The helmsman is...

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Ranting about the Xtremio disruptive update and guinea pigs

Yesterday I read an article by Chad Sakac to which I can’t refrain from commenting. He wrote a very long post, adding a lot of details and trying to justify why XtremIO arrays need a totally disruptive upgrade (with a wipe out of all the data) to move from v2.4 to the new v3.0 software. To me it seems like he is only trying to cover his back. Immaturity The impression that XtremIO is an immature product is totally confirmed and it leaves a lot of space for competitors to comment and build some FUD, probably justified in this...

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EMC XtremIO most interesting characteristic? Predictability.

Last week, thanks to Tech Field Day Extra, I attended a presentation from the EMC’s XtremIO team. Some of my concerns about this array are still there but there is no doubt that this product is maturing very quickly and enhancements are released almost on a monthly basis… and it’s clear that it has something to say. A rant about All Flash In these days, contrary to the general (and Gartner?) thinking, I’m developing the idea that considering All Flash Arrays a separate category is a totally non sense (you can also find an interesting post from Chris Evans...

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Never compare Oranges with Apples. But I do!

A couple of days ago I published an article where I compared Pure Storage to EMC VNX. It was not meant as a direct comparison between the two products, but the original idea was to position Pure Storage as a general purpose next generation midrange array. The comparison was made because EMC VNX is generally considered a classic, and successful, example of “old generation” midrange array. That’s it. Some tweets and comments made on twitter got me thinking, so I’ve decided to add some of my thoughts to that earlier post. Needs come before solutions Comparing new products to...

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