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Dell Storage Forum is truly a Storage Fest

The convergence theme here in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts is steaming hot! and Dell just announced what I believe is an interesting industry first: a full-fledged, 14 disk drives, dual controller Equallogic array that fits a double width blade slot. The new Equallogic PS-M4110 is a 10 Gbit workhorse available in several disk configurations including a particularly interesting hybrid configuration with 5 SSDs and 9 SAS drives that provides 7.2TB raw capacity in a way that seems to fit perfectly a VDI environment, the new converged story that Dell is pushing combines the trusty M1000e blade enclosure with the new...

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London Calling: Dell Storage Forum 2012 Europe

I’m sure that by now everybody has recovered from the new year’s party, still Dell wants to capture the festive mood still in us by organizing their first European storage show during the second week of January (9-12). Dell Storage Forum was partly born from the hashes of C-Drive (Compellent trade show) that was supposed to have its first European incarnation last year but due to the acquisition of Compellent by Dell C-Drive got canceled and Dell Storage Forum was born instead conveying all things storage by Dell in a single storage-focused event, I’ve been to the first event...

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Dell Storage Forum: we’ll be there!

If you follow the storage twittersphere you’ll certainly know that next week two major players will host big events: HP will host HP Discover in Vegas and Dell will present their latest storage innovations at their first Dell Storage Forum in sunny Orlando, FL Enrico will attend HP Discover, courtesy of HP, meanwhile yours truly will cut his teeth on the new Dell storage propositions at #DellSF11 (which is the official hashtag for the event), so if you have any questions on Equallogic, Compellent, Exanet, Ocarina, and other Dell’s technologies, don’t be shy and drop me a message, I’ll...

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