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What Data-aware storage can do for you?

This is the last article of a short series of blogs I wrote about Data-aware storage and sponsored by Data Gravity. The full paper will be realeased next week. Follow the links to find first and second articles of the series. The ability to search and analyze all enterprise data opens up a new world of possibilities, especially if it comes in a transparent fashion and without additional costs, directly embedded in your primary storage. At the beginning, enterprise storage systems were designed around resiliency, data protection and performance. Later, data services (like snapshots for example) became table-stakes. Now...

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Understanding data-aware storage

This is the second article of a short series dedicated to data-aware storage and sponsored by Data Gravity (here the first one). Data-aware is a new concept and as such it can be misinterpreted or have different meanings for different end users and vendors. It unleashes the power of data analytics applied to primary (active) data but depending on implementation, it can bring totally different results and serve different use cases. In order to better understand what data-awareness really means, we can divide modern primary storage systems in three categories according to their analytics capabilities: Infrastructure analytics The storage...

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