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What happened at Dell Enterprise Forum?

Last monday I flew to Frankfurt to attend the Dell Enterprise Forum. This is the European version of the event hosted in the US in the second half of the year and, as often happens in these cases, it’s much smaller and less crowded than the “original” one. The event and the location This kind of event is perfect for partners and customers and helps to close the gap between the vendor and its user base. The Vendor brings experts, people who actually work on products and technology, and gets useful feedback while users and partners find what can’t...

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Primary vendors’ flash storage at glance

Now that the dust has settled after last week’s announcement from EMC, we can have a look at what the market is offering for 100% flash storage from primary vendors. The approaches differ a lot from one to the other, and some are still struggling with reshuffled products that can hardly be compared with others… but, that said, I’m going to list (in strict alphabetical order) all the primary vendors and their solutions to give the reader a very brief idea of what is happening. Dell Dell’s flagship storage system is Compellent. The latest version of the controllers has...

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Dell is listening (and reacting!)

Last week I wrote a rough tweet because I was sick of hearing complaints from a few of my customers about Dell’s Copilot support program here in Italy. I don’t know if the power of social networks is so strong or the right person was listening at the right time but Dell’s reaction has been amazing! Long story short In a few minutes I received DMs and personal emails asking me what’s is happening, a discussion began and eventually they promised to start an “internal investigation”. The next day I was contacted from an Italian Dell’s support representative who...

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Dell Storage Forum is truly a Storage Fest

The convergence theme here in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts is steaming hot! and Dell just announced what I believe is an interesting industry first: a full-fledged, 14 disk drives, dual controller Equallogic array that fits a double width blade slot. The new Equallogic PS-M4110 is a 10 Gbit workhorse available in several disk configurations including a particularly interesting hybrid configuration with 5 SSDs and 9 SAS drives that provides 7.2TB raw capacity in a way that seems to fit perfectly a VDI environment, the new converged story that Dell is pushing combines the trusty M1000e blade enclosure with the new...

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Dell Storage Forum in Boston next week

It’s that time of the year again, the storage part of the Dell family will happily gather to Boston for Dell Storage Forum where everybody is expecting new announcements and integration plans, especially now that the storage acquisition landscape seems to be quieter (at least for Dell’s standards 🙂 ). It also looks like I’ll have the chance to tour the Equallogic facility in Nashua, NH, which is a short drive from Boston, a really exciting thing for a tech guy like me. It will be a great occasion to see many US friends again and meet new ones,...

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