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AWS Lambda on-premises? Why not?

If you are interested in these topics, I’ll be presenting at next TECHunplugged conference in Amsterdam on 6/10/16 and in Chicago on 27/10/16. A one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure with an innovative formula combines a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized bloggers with disruptive technology vendors and end users who manage rich technology environments. Join us! Before summer vacation I wrote a first article about “Invisible storage”, now I’d like to follow up on storage invisibility and its benefits by mentioning a couple of solutions that in my opinion are going towards that direction. ...

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New paper: How to Massively Simplify Data Protection for VMware

I have just published a short white paper for Cohesity on how to simplify the backup process thanks to Hyperconverged Secondary Storage and I’m sharing the beginning of the paper here in this post. Cohesity is one of the few players that is really trying to do something different about capacity-driven storage, and this is why I like their idea so much. Providing a single large repository for all secondary storage needs (including advanced data services and integrated analytics to take full advantage of it) is a really compelling idea and this is why I was excited to write...

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Does it make sense to buy a VTL today?

I’ve never been fond of VTLs (Virtual Tape Libraries). I like deduplication but it quickly became a feature and is not a product. And lately we all want more out of backups, don’t we? Data Domain did a great job in building a brilliant deduplication-based appliance in 2001, but that was 2001. And, while it lasted, having the ability to write backups faster than usual and taking advantage of great space efficiency was a good thing… but time passes and alternatives are easier to find. This makes the VTL less appealing than in the past. (lately also visible from...

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Quick note: Pure+Cohesity integration is cool!

I’ve just finished reading this article on The Register about Cohesity and Pure Storage working together to integrate their storage systems. Brilliant! Integrating primary and secondary storage is the way to go. It tremendously simplifies and accelerates backup processes as well as enabling the user to rapidly take advantage of data copies for analytics or test/dev or even cloud archive. At the end of the day is all about better efficinecy and TCO. Other storage vendors already have S3 protocol support to offload snapshots/clones to an object store (here an example) but the solution from Cohesity/Pure is a step...

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A story of two “different” storage start-ups

I have been thinking about this article for a while now. It’s about two startups that are working on two awesome products, which are not in direct competition (well, not today… or, at least, that’s what they say) but they have a lot in common and they share a similar long term goal. They have chosen two opposite strategies, but I’m sure that there is space for both of them and that they will have a bright future. It’s about secondary storage We are talking about a market that is estimated to grab 80/90% of the overall capacity installed...

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