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Cloudian and Hadoop, with Amir Chaudry (head of system engineering at Cloudian)

This podcast is sponsored by: In this episode I’m with Amir Chaudry (Head of global system engineering at Cloudian) and we talk about: – Cloudian Hyperstore tiering functionality – New integration with Hadoop – How Cloudian leverages this integration to improve support Here the Full transcript of the show Enrico: Hello everyone, and welcome to a new episode of Juku.beats. Today, I’m here with Cloudian, and Amir Chaudry, which is the head global system engineer. Hi, Amir. Amir Chaudry: Hi Enrico, how are you doing? Enrico: Very well, and you? Amir Chaudry: I’m doing great. Thank you for having...

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Webinar: Next Generation Object Storage

Next 14th of October, at 11AM CET, I’ll be guest of Cloudian for a webinar about Cloud storage. This follows a white paper that I recently wrote for them: “Cloudian delivers object storage for next generation infrastructures” which is freely available for download on their website. The agenda for the webinar will cover: The challenges enterprises face with traditional storage technologies The gap between end-user expectations and IT delivery How object storage technologies can form the foundation for a new approach to petabyte-scale storage When and where Object Storage makes sense How Cloudian does Object Storage Common use cases...

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New White Paper: Cloudian delivers object storage for next generation infrastructures

Last May I started a collaboration with Cloudian, a startup with a really interesting product in the Object Storage space (a field that I’m very interested in!). I finally had the chance to write a paper for them (here the link for the free download) and we will host a webinar together on 14th of October to discuss about object storage and next generation storage infrastructures (and you are invited, of course). The executive summary of the paper follows, just to give you a hint of the content: Traditional storage infrastructures are not designed to cope with emerging business...

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Is this the year of Enterprise Object Storage? (a quick product roundup – part 1)

I’m very fond of Object Storage but, when we come back to real life, its adoption in ordinary enterprise environments is slowed down by many factors. On the other hand there is a strong demand for more efficient, scalable and robust storage solutions to cope with new enterprise data challenges and data growth is only the tip of the iceberg. Amazon S3 as the point of reference Amazon S3 Object storage service is unquestionably one of the most successful cloud services ever and the recently introduced Glacier (for long term archiving) is set to become another de facto standard....

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