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Your next (big) VTL? it will probably be a S3 storage

In case you missed it, many backup softwares are already supporting both on-premises and public S3 repositories (object storage) as target for backup jobs. Others will be joining this trend soon. Object storage is perfect for backups and the capabilities offered by the latest versions of available products make this type of storage a good solution for short and long term backups. Two pillars As you probably already know, I’m strongly convinced that the future of enterprise storage will be sustained by two pillars: AFA (and hyper-converged AFA systems) on one side, and object storage on the other (here...

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My presentation at Next Gen Storage Summit

This morning I had the opportunity to host a session at Next Gen Storage Summit in Chicago. The title of the presentation was: “Enterprises are thinking about new storage strategies… and you?” and I talked about the integration of primary storage with object storage to build “a unified platform with a primary storage frontend and object storage backend”. Some of the attendees asked me to share the presentation and here it is. I’m not sure that this slide deck will say a lot to people who not attended the session but I promise, I’ll write a couple of articles...

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New White Paper: Cloudian delivers object storage for next generation infrastructures

Last May I started a collaboration with Cloudian, a startup with a really interesting product in the Object Storage space (a field that I’m very interested in!). I finally had the chance to write a paper for them (here the link for the free download) and we will host a webinar together on 14th of October to discuss about object storage and next generation storage infrastructures (and you are invited, of course). The executive summary of the paper follows, just to give you a hint of the content: Traditional storage infrastructures are not designed to cope with emerging business...

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Dispersed enterprise, device parity and more conscious infrastructures

At the moment I’m doing some work for vendors who offer solutions in the object storage, sync&share and next generation file services for enterprises (you can find more about the papers I’m writing here). I’ve been developing some concepts for a while now to explain my point of view and why object storage based solutions are important. And Lately, I’ve found two terms: “dispersed enterprise” and “device parity” to better explain what is happening in the enterprise space. They are in some way related to each other and I would like to briefly introduce them here. I’m curious to...

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New white paper: Beyond NAS limits with the agility and performance of the cloud

Last week a new white paper from Juku has been published: Beyond NAS limits with the agility and performance of the cloud. (here the link) This is a work that I’ve done for Maginatics. A startup with a radically new idea to redesign from the ground up your legacy file storage infrastructure and which promises big savings and great performance. In this paper I also mention for the first time two ideas that I developed in the last months to describe the evolution of modern enterprises regarding IT: “the dispersed enterprise” and “the device parity”. I’ll write soon about...

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