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The S3 outage showed how relevant object storage is

How important is object storage? Too important to fail! A few days ago, a problem with AWS S3 caused major issues over the entire internet. We could say that it shouldn’t happen… but, you know, it does. And, in this particular case, even the “design for failure” approach to application design wasn’t enough… because most applications have always taken S3 as being infallible (and that particular AWS region hosts some critical services for Amazon). Clouds bring rain To be fair, it’s not only storage that fails. In the last two/three years, thanks also to the growing relevance of cloud...

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S3 object storage on Digital Ocean with Scality’s S3server

Two weeks ago, at VMworld, I had the pleasure to attend TFDx and the first session of the day was with Scality. During the session they spent most of the time talking about their new S3Server, which I like and already covered in the past. Use cases for this exciting piece of software are innumerable, and today I want to give you a practical example. You know, I’m no longer a hands-on guy (for a long time now :/) but I still have a few VM instances here and there to do experiments and, some time, test software. Digital...

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Minio wants to be the MySQL of object storage

One of the most interesting meetings I had this week during the IT Press Tour was with Minio. The founder of the company, AB Periasamy, has some really interesting ideas and I think his vision of “Object storage for everyone” could be quite successful. Object storage for the rest of us Minio is working on an object storage server (they’re actually working on two, but let me explain just the basics first) which is particuarly small, efficient and can run in a single VM (or VPS). In addition, there are a generic S3 client and an SDK that are...

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Cloudy primary storage…

We usually think about primary storage as something that is close to compute resources (no matter if they are on-premises or on the cloud) while cloud-storage is something that we can access, more or less, from everywhere… but things are becoming fuzzy. Primary as we know it What do you really look for in a primary storage? Taking availability and resiliency for granted, the first things you look for are high IOPS, Low latency and predictability. Am I right?. You want it as close as possible to your compute resources. Also when your data is actually stored in the...

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File Transporter, private Sync&Share made easy

Two weeks ago I had the chance to meet a really interesting company and check out the devices it has been launched on the market a couple of years ago. I’m talking about Connected Data and Transporter. Transporter is not new on the market (I already wrote about it, in Italian, a couple of years ago), but I was totally unaware that this startup is now building a much larger range of devices capable of covering from personal to enterprise Sync&Share needs. [Disclaimer:] First of all,to be fair, I have to say that Connected Data gifted me a FileTransporter...

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