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Nutanix, beyond hyperconvergence

Here I am sitting at a bar at 4.50 a.m. (jet lag is my friend!) trying to connect all the dots and write something decent about what I saw yesterday at the Nutanix annual event .NEXT. About my backpack I didn’t know what to expect, Nutanix is not known for being courteous when it comes to marketing (especially not in the social media) and this is also why I’m following them from a certain distance. I get updates. I’ve been following their story since the beginning but at times they seem quite arrogant and not very friendly (especially when...

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The future of storage is now. Market landscape and opportunities.

The enterprise data storage landscape has been rapidly changing in the last few years. Demand for more storage resources is unstoppable but, contrary to the past, enterprises and ISPs are experiencing a strong diversification in the type and quality of resources needed to satisfy each single different user or specific business need. New requirements are being heavily driven by different workloads and types of data that were quite uncommon just a few years ago. It’s not only the growing amount of data to manage or faster access speed to serve more transactions in the same time. Cloud and mobile...

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Quick note: Microsoft SQL on Linux is about giving you options

I’m only the last one commenting on what I consider the news of the week: Microsoft SQL for Linux. It’s huge news indeed, and it is perfectly aligned with the new Microsoft. Windows Operating System, both the client and the Server (and Mobile if it would count), are no longer the core business for Microsoft, the Cloud is! And this is why their strategy is all about giving you as many options as possible to consume their cloud services (Azure and Office 365). Just to make it clear, Linux counts for 25% of Azure instances and Linux is relevant,...

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juku.beats Podcast: Chatting about cloud and endpoint backup with Jaspreet Singh (Druva)

In this Episode I’m with Jaspreet Singh (co-founder and CEO of Druva) and we talk about endpoint and cloud backup. Druva is an interesting startup focused on solving a problem that is usually hard to manage with traditional backup solutions: backup of mobile devices. But there is more, in fact the company offers a lot of innovative features on top of the data collected through backup and, with the recent introduction of Phoenix, it also provides cloud backup for a wider range of devices and services. Enjoy the...

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Talking with ClearSky about cloud-based primary storage

In this episode I’m with Lazarus Vekiarides (CTO and co-founder of ClearSky Data), and we talk about: – The company – The product  – Users and use cases This is an interesting chat about a really innovative product that delivers enterprise primary storage features and performance with a cloud backend. End users are asking for more and more multiple-cloud, cross-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions and this one goes exactly towards that direction.  If you want to know more about this topic, I’ll be presenting at next TECHunplugged conference in Austin on 2/2/16. A one day event focused on cloud computing and...

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