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EMC buys Cloudscaling, and it’s good for everyone

Yesterday I read the news about EMC buying Cloudscaling, a small startup working on an Openstack distribution primarily focused on enterprise clouds. One of the most interesting characteristics of Cloudscaling Open Cloud System is its compatibility with AWS and GCP which should help its customers to build hybrid cloud implementations. Looking at various websites, it’s interesting to note that many of them have reported the news but the comments are still very few. Scarcity of information from EMC and Cloudscaling certainly doesn’t help. But let’s try to figure out why EMC is doing this. The market wants hybrid (and...

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VMWorld day #1 (a wrap up)

I’m here at VMworld in San Francisco, the day is almost finished so I get the opportunity to briefly recap on what has happened during the day. The Keynote Pat Gelsinger (CEO of VMware) kicked off the event with a good keynote. He spent a lot of time showing the benefits brought by his company products and showing what will happen next: SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) is the buzzword this year… and cloud was mentioned very sparingly during the whole speech! He made a lot of announcements starting from a new version of vSphere (5.5) to the vCloud Hybrid...

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2013: more wishes than predictions

At the end of every year, pundits of all kinds write articles where they predict the year to come… predictions is playing hardball and going back to look at last years’ forecasts could be fun. Many times predictions are driven more by wishes and feelings than by real analytical approach. So I’m going to avoid potential failure with a post about my wishes, not predictions, for next year: Openstack distributions The word Openstack is everywhere but when we start to talk about real life adoption, especially in the enterprise, we struggle to find names and case histories. I think...

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Cloud ecosystems are the key

Every time we talk about mobile devices the discussion goes directly to Apple and its ecosystem as the key differentiator for success. Can we say the same thing about cloud? At the moment I’m carrying out a small project and I’m doing some tesst with different providers and the deeper I go the more I understand that when you use these kind of tools and services the difference is in the “user experience” that comes from the ecosystem. Clouds and mushrooms You know, new CSPs are popping up like mushrooms promising new cloud experiences with brand spanking new services,...

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Infrastructure is software

Hardware abstraction layers are becoming more and more common in our infrastructures: we began years ago with the hypervisors (CPU and RAM), now there is the wave of totally virtualized storage solutions (next generation scale-out storage arrays and VSAs) and the next big deal will be networking virtualization (Nicira and Embrane are only a couple of examples). Are you ready? Why software… a brief history The first x86 hypervisor was developed to virtualize a PC into a PC, mostly for development tasks, then it grew to the server side and finally it became the first software layer on top...

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