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Is this the year of Enterprise Object Storage? (a quick product roundup – part 1)

I’m very fond of Object Storage but, when we come back to real life, its adoption in ordinary enterprise environments is slowed down by many factors. On the other hand there is a strong demand for more efficient, scalable and robust storage solutions to cope with new enterprise data challenges and data growth is only the tip of the iceberg. Amazon S3 as the point of reference Amazon S3 Object storage service is unquestionably one of the most successful cloud services ever and the recently introduced Glacier (for long term archiving) is set to become another de facto standard....

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Storage Field Day 4: It’s going to be a storage blast!

So, here we go again, next week I’ll be attending one of the best industry events on storage: Storage Field Day 4. The event This one is part of a wider group of vertical events (others are about virtualization, networking and wireless) reserved for bloggers and organized by Stephen Foskett and his team. The best of this event, apart the constant good hospitality and the value of other delegates, is the quality of technical stuff you can find during the sponsor sessions. Usually, most of the sessions are managed by CTOs or other technical people involved in product development...

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HDS, Cleversafe and the private clouds

Last week I saw two announcements: HDS jumped into the OpenStack bandwagon and Cleversafe raised $55M in a series D funding round (WOW!). At a first glimpse these two announcements have nothing in common but I think the contrary and they both lead to the enterprise (private) cloud. OpenStack and the enterprise OpenStack, as a framework, is commonly associated to service providers and the ability to build public infrastructures but, if you talk to enterprises (especially the larger ones) you can easily find an enormous interest in it. “Enormous interest” doesn’t mean actual real life deployments or planned migrations...

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Object storage is the platform, gateways are the solution

I’ve just finished to read this article from Chris Mellor about object storage and I would like to add my 2 cents to this conversation. A brief market recap If you take a look at Object storage industry today you can easily find three kinds of products: good for high volumes and ISPs: great scalability, throughput, reliability, based on standard X86 HW. good for enterprises: less scalability and throughput but with good end-to-end integration from single (primary) vendors. good for nothing: the ones that can’t succeed because out-of-scope with end users needs or without a clear roadmap. Splitting the...

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