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TECHunplugged Chicago, update #4

TECHunplugged Chicago is happening in less than ten days (on 27th Of October), the agenda is complete and we working on the details to repeat the success of last editions! First of all, in case you missed it, TECHunplugged is a 1-day conference focused on the latest technology trends and how these technologies can be adopted by Real World IT. The format is very simple, with subject matter experts presenting what they see in the field followed by vendors bringing their point of view. The goal is to bring together end users, influencers and vendors for a day of education, information and peer-to-peer networking. Meet our...

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TECHunplugged is back! October 2016: Amsterdam and Chicago

Yes, We are back! After the success in London we have decided that it’s time to repeat Amsterdam and why not?… come back to the U.S. in Chicago (IL). ICYMI, TECHunplugged is a tech conference A different type of conference but still, a tech conference. The idea is to bring together influencers, end users and selected vendors for a day of informative and educational sessions, round tables and a lot of networking. Not the classic conference format – in fact we want to keep it small by limiting the number of seats, to provide the best possible interaction amongst...

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