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What’s new in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0?

In this episode I’m with Neil Levine (director of product management at Red Hat), and we talk about the most important improvements and new features introduced in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0. Enjoy the show! If you are interested in these topics, I’ll be presenting at next TECHunplugged conference in Amsterdam on 6/10/16 and in Chicago on 27/10/16. A one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure with an innovative formula combines a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized bloggers with disruptive technology vendors and end users who manage rich technology environments. Join...

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Ceph for Content Distribution

This is the last article of a short series of articles I wrote for Red Hat regarding object storage and Ceph. Free download to the rest of the papers is available here. Introduction Enteprises are facing new challenges regarding storage infrastructures and data mobility. Basic characteristics of storage systems, like data protection, reliability and avaialability are common ground now, but the bar is raising again because users ask to access data from everywhere and any device. It’s not easy to find a solution when scalability, performance and security are all involved at the same time. But this is what...

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Ceph in Big Data Analytics

In the last couple of months I did some work for Red Hat on Ceph Storage. It was a good occasion to get updated on Ceph and do a reality check on how it is used by end users and why they are adopting it. Some of these stories are really compelling and say a lot about what is happening to storage infrastructures in general… but this is another story. Ceph is highly successful in many fields now and the number of use cases is growing quite rapidly lately… and after the introduction of Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.0...

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News and thoughts from Next Gen Storage Summit

I’m here in the Airport lounge waiting for my flight back home and I’m trying to refocus on the chats that I had this week at the Next Gen Storage Summit. Some news HDS impressed me more than any of the others. Especially because they are usually seen as a very traditional vendor. On the contrary, in this particular case, the development of their Object Storage platform ecosystem is becoming consistent and promising. They know their flaws and they are working in the right direction to overcome them. I’m also pretty sure that their Enterprise DNA helps when it’s...

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