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Juku.beats: Cassandra, NoSQL and Datastax Enterprise 3.0 (w/ Jonathan Ellis, CTO of Datastax)

In this Episode I’m with Jonathan Ellis (co-founder and CTO of Datastax) and we talk about: – Datastax – NoSQL and Cassandra – What’s new in Datastax Enterprise v.3.0 Here the the full transcript of the episode: Enrico: Hi everyone and welcome to a new episode of Juku.beats Today, I am here with Jonathon Ellis founder and CEO of Datastax. Hi Jonathan, how are you? Jonathan: I’m doing well. Thanks for having me on the program. Enrico: Thank you for being here with me. Jonathan, the first question is about you and DataStax. I would like you to introduce...

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Thinking different about storage

In the last few months I had several interesting briefings with storage vendors. Now, I need to stop and try to connect the dots, and think about what could come next. It’s incredible to see how rapidly the storage landscape is evolving and becoming much smarter than in the past. This will change the way we store, use and manage data and, of course, the design of future infrastructures. I recently put a few ideas together in a couple of posts (here and here), but I think I can try to develop my ideas even further now. Storage isn’t...

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