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Server-side caching is really hot!

Almost a year ago I wrote a piece about server-side caching, wondering if it was a mere feature or something more. After this VMworld it is pretty clear that server-side caching is quickly maturing and is a really interesting area to look at, not just for what it does today but for what we have to expect tomorrow… especially from the virtualization perspective. The basics Server-side caching is a technique to speed up data access by adding a local cache to the server (usually RAM or Flash) that sits in between the data path. Depending on its implementation it...

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In-memory storage makes sense

In a very conservative world, like data storage used to be, we have been seeing a lot of revolutions lately! Flash for speed, huge disks fighting against tapes for capacity and long-term archiving and software to glue them all together creating new ways to access and manage data. But it seems it’s not enough. In the next few weeks we will be hearing some interesting announcements about in-memory storage… DRAM based storage? does it make sense? Will it be another revolution or just another feature? In-memory means (much) more speed In-memory storage is nothing new. In-memory DBs are becoming...

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Server-side caching: Holy grail or mere feature?

Flash storage is amazingly fast but it doesn’t come cheap! On the opposite side, using flash memory on the server is relatively cheap and superlatively fast but lacks in reliability and availability. Server-side caching allows for designing a fast storage solution based on traditional shared storage with the performance of flash memory. In recent months we’ve seen the birth of many new companies working on it, but how many of them will actually survive? and if so, how? What is it? A cache is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests can be served faster. The...

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When flash and cache are synonyms!

Last week I attended Storage Field Day 3, and I met some interesting companies that are looking at Flash to build hybrid solutions. Looks like 100% flash products are still too expensive for the rest of us and hybrid is gaining more and more attention by the end users. The easiest, and probably most efficient, way to implement flash in the hybrid world is to use it for caching purposes. In practice, flash on the front-end acting as a big lung used to leverage a relatively slow back-end made of mechanical disks. Long story short: a relatively small amount...

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Video: Avere Systems’ CEO, Ron Bianchini

On my last trip in US I met Ronald Bianchini (CEO of Avere Systems). Avere produces a line of NAS Accelerators aimed to optimize and speed up access to Enterprise NAS systems. The last version of the product added some interesting new features as well as the ability to act as an edge NAS. Enjoy the video! Disclaimer: I was invited at this meeting by Condor Consulting Group and they paid for travel and accommodation, I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by...

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