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Video: Hortonworks and Hadoop

During last ITPT I had the opportunity to meet some people from Hortonworks management team. The company, on the contrary of its competitors, has a different business model and it only sells support services on a 100% standard Hadoop distribution. They strongly contribute to Apache Hadoop code base but they do not develop proprietary add-ons. This business model, looking at the numbers they are showing, is contributing to the success of this startup which is steadily growing in US and EU. Hortonworks’s Hadoop distribution, called HDP, is already based on Yarn (a new cluster resource management tool which is...

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HDS: (much) more than infrastructure

Last week I was in Colorado Springs (CO) for the Hitachi Data System influencer summit. A well organized event of just thirty people or so and HDS executives discussing about the company and its future: no mention of products, but a lot of information about vision and future strategy. Last year I had good words for the company and this year I can’t do much more than reconfirm my thoughts. Evolution and revolution It’s clear that HDS is evolving, and even if they are still seen has an infrastructure company, things are slightly different now. Approximately 50% of its...

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Cloud based storage management is cool

Last week I was briefed by NimbleStorage and in April I met Exablox during the Storage Field Day 3 event. Both of them are doing something intriguing with Cloud, Big Data, and the management of their stuff. Cloud for what? They are in the hardware business (the first produces iSCSI based hybrid-storage appliances while the latter has recently launched an object storage based NAS solution). They are hosting their management tools on the cloud (Exablox all the software, while Nimble only part of it at the moment). There are many reasons to do that but the most visible to...

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Isilon adds HDFS support to its Scale-out NAS: good move!

Some days ago Isilon (now an EMC company) announced a new feature, in addition to existing options, for their storage solutions: HDFS support. This is a great move that I like very much but with a little reservation. Storage vendors are working hard to take a step forward by bringing data closer to the computational power. In this moment EMC is leading the pack (the other announcement they made last week is project lightning: a flash cache on servers tightly integrated with their storage), but it’s clear that it is only a matter of time: I’m sure that other...

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