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Tapes… when everything else looks unsustainable

I spent a couple of days at a FujiFilm event for analysts, partners and customers, where I also gave a talk on what I was referring to as Invisible storage (now I think about it as “shadow storage”, which sounds more appropriate since it resembles shadow IT up to a certain extent). My talk was pretty much along the same lines of what I’ve been writing in the last couple of months. The challenges of storage sustainability in terms of TCA and TCO, and what I’ve found in the field during research which I conducted for a client of...

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New paper: How to Massively Simplify Data Protection for VMware

I have just published a short white paper for Cohesity on how to simplify the backup process thanks to Hyperconverged Secondary Storage and I’m sharing the beginning of the paper here in this post. Cohesity is one of the few players that is really trying to do something different about capacity-driven storage, and this is why I like their idea so much. Providing a single large repository for all secondary storage needs (including advanced data services and integrated analytics to take full advantage of it) is a really compelling idea and this is why I was excited to write...

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New Paper: Object Storage as a Backup Target

Just a quick note to inform you about a new paper I wrote on object storage with Howard Marks. It’s the first time I’ve worked with my friend Howard and his company DeepStorage.net… and I think we had a great time collaborating together, but evaluating the results is up to you! Here the link for the free download, please post your comments. The paper “Object Storage as a Backup Target”, was commissioned by HGST and is divided into two sections. In the first one I talk about object storage and make a comparison with VTL libraries. The target is...

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juku.beats Podcast: Chatting about cloud and endpoint backup with Jaspreet Singh (Druva)

In this Episode I’m with Jaspreet Singh (co-founder and CEO of Druva) and we talk about endpoint and cloud backup. Druva is an interesting startup focused on solving a problem that is usually hard to manage with traditional backup solutions: backup of mobile devices. But there is more, in fact the company offers a lot of innovative features on top of the data collected through backup and, with the recent introduction of Phoenix, it also provides cloud backup for a wider range of devices and services. Enjoy the...

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Rubrik is like Apple Time Machine, but for the datacenter

One of the best features of Mac OS X is Time Machine. Isn’t it? Well, it is for me at least. Time machine is the simplest possible backup tool and it is totally transparent. You just set it up (by choosing a backup location) and that’s it. It starts in the background, it backups your data continuously and, when you need to retrieve something, you have a finder-like interface that grabs what you want. Rubrik does the same, but it does it for your Vmware infrastructure. Transparent backup The spirit of the company is very user-friendly; seamless, fast and...

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